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  • Daronia - Aad H.c.j. Born

    This anecdote is about the tanker Daronia and is written by Aad H.c.j. Born.

    As far as the “Daronia” was concerned, since she was full of petrol, she had a miraculous escape. She was anchored about one third of a mile upwind of the “San Flaviano” and was of the San Vito design, built many years before and equipped with unusually high mid-ship pump room ventilators. By the time she was attacked I was already swimming away from the “San Flaviano” and vividly remember watching the bomb leave the aircraft, hit the port ventilator, bounce to the starboard ventilator and over the side of the ship without exploding. Some of the best photos of the demise of the “San Flaviano”, were taken by a deck apprentice on the “Daronia”. At the time we were told the pilot was named Pope and flying out of Formosa (Taiwan), in support of an insurrection in the Celebes Islands, by which the Americans hoped to oust Sukarno. As an aside, at that time, no more than six Dutch people could congregate together at any one time, so when a party was held to celebrate the survival of the Captain and Mates the whole lot were arrested, before assurances of each individual's nationality allowed the party to continue ! best wishes - Bingham Macnamara. Dave & Pat wrote: Hi Bingham, Thanks very much for your reply. I think the other ship was the “DARONIA” not the TARONIA as reported by the US. The US pilot of the bomber was not captured or executed as the article below states, he was killed in a plane crash in Laos in April 1962 whilst working for the CIA.

    Wednesday, May 27th 2009, 12:14 | Daronia | Aad H.c.j. Born

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