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  • Tagelus (1) - Ray Whent

    This anecdote is about the tanker Tagelus (1) and is written by Ray Whent .

    I started as a Kitchen/Galley boy and then ended up Chief Steward/Purser. Of all the ships I sailed on Cargo and Passenger the m.t "Tagelus" with Captain John Davidson from Johnshaven, Scotland was the happiest ship I ever sailed on. She was a T2 Turbo Electric Tanker and very quiet. I was Chief Steward from 27th April 1957 (joined Birkenhead) until 15th November 1957 (Left Cardiff) to join the Trochiscus and I stayed on the "Troch" until she was laid-up in Rosyth and scrapped in March 1958. I then joined the mt "Hadra" in June 1958 and met up with Capt Davidson again and left her and came ashore in Middlesborough in March 1959. I then joined a ship supply company and have been in this trade ever since, but I retired some years ago as now 86. I spent 12 happy years at sea travelling the world for free and getting paid and fed! HAPPY HAPPY DAYS. The Chief Officer on the Hadra Joe Bodle was a good friend but cannot seem to trace him. Jamie Flett was the Chief Engineer.

    Thursday, August 10th 2017, 13:24 | Tagelus (1) | Ray Whent

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