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  • Sunetta (1) - Paul Roos (my Dad)

    This anecdote is about the tanker Sunetta (1) and is written by Paul Roos (my Dad).

    My Dad sailed on this ship and told me of some of the most memorable things that happen while on board. It must have been quite a life aboard these ships especially during stormy days. One thing that really makes me apprieciate what they must have gone through is how they would have to go from one bulkhead to the other as the waves washed over the decks on a narrow gangway, often carrying a plate of grub that they where going to enjoy in their quarters. They would hide behind the door and wait for the opportunity (between waves) to run from one side to the other, hoping not to get washed overboard. Other times they might get lucky with fish that washed up on the deck that they would fetch and present to the ships cook who would prepare it for dinner. Yes apparently flying fish are quite bonney and oily, I am not sure what other species where common however I am sure there where many. I can not imagine spending days in a room which tilts from side to side without windows while doing my work, these men really must be amazing. My Dad also sailed in the Etrema and the Mirza of the NV Petroleum Maatschappij. I would love to aquire some 8x10 photos of these ships that I could present to my dad.

    Tuesday, September 14th 2010, 06:23 | Sunetta (1) | Paul Roos (my Dad)

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