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    Guestbook messages

    20-01-2016 17:59 Bob wrote:

    In the early 1960's, I was a teenager living on the Oregon Coast near Coos Bay. Our home overlooked the shipping channel. One day the Thorshall lost its steering and struck a dredge in the middle of the harbor. My family witnessed the entire event. Several men drowned and the event was written up and photographed for Life Magazine, I think the magazine was. It was an amazing sight to see, with helicopters making rescues and Coast Guard boats trying to direct fishing boats that were out to help.

    Write me if you want to know more.

    17-01-2016 21:54 Maurice Halton wrote:

    Joined the San Gaspar in Wallsend circa 1961 as 1st trip 5th engineer. She was in dry dock.

    05-01-2016 11:45 Capt. John Peter Briand wrote:

    Message to Bernard Reynolds.

    Sorry to read of your loss. I still remember meeting you both for the first time on the 'Acavus' on the 23 Feb 1983, when I joined the vessel for my first trip in command.

    30-12-2015 16:50 Eduard Van Helden wrote:

    Happy New Year everyone and all th best.

    30-12-2015 12:48 Glyn Howell wrote:

    Happy New Year Everyone. I served on Velutina, Naninia, Tenagodus,Tagelus, Nuculana,Velletia, all in the early 1950's as a Deck Apprentice. I am still in touch with two mates, Dave Richardson and Jim Pemberton. I am 80 now, I wonder how many shipmates are still alive. Glyn Howell

    25-12-2015 23:19 Brian Lindo wrote:

    Wishing you all a Merry Festive Season and the very best of health and prosperity for 2016. Why not make a New Year resolution and check out the Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd F/B site, nothing to lose but a lot to gain, you will have a great welcome

    25-12-2015 15:50 Mick Cardiff wrote:

    Merry Christmas shipmates..
    IT'S ALL KICKING OFF on the Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd Facebook page. Why don't you come and have a look..??
    All the best..


    24-12-2015 20:52 Stewart Mulvenna wrote:

    Hello Paul Ayers ,I remember you very well.l think it was on the Aulica.l was 2ndcook/baker.Hope your well.Happy xmas and all the best for 2016.Stewart

    24-12-2015 18:47 P.j.m. Van Der Ende wrote:

    I wish you a merry christmass and a happy newyear
    and remember the good old days fam pvdende

    24-12-2015 01:23 Mick Cardiff wrote:

    Merry Christmas shipmates. Don't forget you can also find Shell tankers on Facebook. Just search for Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd on Facebook and request to join. All the best and good luck for 2016....Mick..

    17-12-2015 21:34 Paul Ayers wrote:

    Stewart Mulvenna did you sail as chief cook,I think I sailed with you on the Hanetia or Aluco, I think I've got a photo of you in the galley.

    17-12-2015 00:46 Roger Duke wrote:

    SS Helcion SS Vermetus SS Hinea Apprentice Engineer
    SS Vermetus one trip as 5th Engineer
    SS Hemicardium one trip 4th Engineer
    SS Palium one trip 5th Engineer
    SS Hadra one trip 3rd Engineer
    SS Acavus one trip 2nd Engineer
    SS Hemitrochus one trip 2nd Engineer
    SS Hydatina one trip 2nd Engineer
    SS Haustellum one trip 2nd Engineer
    SS Varicella one trip 2nd Engineer
    MV Daphnella one trip 2nd Engineer

    14-12-2015 18:23 Duurt Beukema wrote:

    i was radio officer on the ships
    ss rita
    ms kaluku
    ss mohammed reza shah
    ms dorestad
    ms cleodora
    from may 1957 till november 1961.

    10-12-2015 13:02 Jan Mensert wrote:

    When getting older, you think more about the past. I sailed on the Taria; Vasum and Kenia as a fifth eng. During my leave from the Keniia I studied with succes for my A and B1 certificate. After my leave a had to join another Shell Tanker as a fifth engineer. So no promotion. I left the Shell fleet and went to another oilcompany as a fourth ebgineer.
    That was a big mistake because Shell Tankers was a good company to join, and I never forgot the proverb:
    "Join the Shell and see the the world from jetty to jetty"

    07-12-2015 17:47 Stewart Mulvenna wrote:

    Joined Hemisinus in April 72 and was their until April 73.Was A/s and then 2nd steward.I remember a few of the names on board.Capt Thompson,Ray Mears ,ch steward,Graham Darling ch cook,Frank Blakley,Alex Dick,and Ernie Crowther.Sailing between Singapore and Saigon it was a very eventful year in a lot of ways,but I loved every minute of it.

    05-12-2015 07:23 Tom Edgar wrote:

    Niso (1944) Navicella, Neocardia, Empire Mc Mahon,

    01-12-2015 19:45 Brian Lindo wrote:

    Are you looking for your old Shipmates, do you want to re-live your memories of your life at sea, then why not join the Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd Facebook site. You are invited to give it a go and are assured a warm welcome, you might just find some old forgotten pals. Nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Regards Brian

    29-11-2015 17:53 Ton Zuidema wrote:

    Hello, i sailed as OS and AB in1967 till 1969 on the Krebsia,Kelletia etc and later from 1974 till 1978 on the
    Koscisia, Kara, korovina,Marinula and 4th and 3rd Officer

    anybody out there who was like me on top of the KRAKATAU in 1976 with the Koscisia

    26-11-2015 20:27 Trevor Harris wrote:

    I too sailed with Mike Harding on this trip really strange job th we picked the limnea in brest . very short manned ship , we were to take it to loch striven near rothsay on the clyde. i was picked to go down on launch to connect fender to the ship so the other ship could come alongside, unfortunately i squshed my thumb in the process .only onboard for a month tried to finish of the huge stock of cases of lager left on board .spent the whole time aboard stripping the limnea of anything of any value and not nailed down into a barge in the loch. think we had double money to do this trip ,would of been rude to turn them down ha ha although the trip was short we had a ball

    21-11-2015 12:22 Linda Wright wrote:

    Doe's anybody remember Gordon Edwin Grinton

    27-10-2015 14:31 Vic Evans wrote:

    Hi everyone,
    Was a 5th Engineer on HYDATINA 1971/72.
    Went back to a shore based engineering career.
    Now aged 76(how time flies !)
    Retired in 2002 and still living in South Wales.
    No regrets about time spent at sea
    would be interested to hear from others around in that period
    What about my friend 'Micky Martin' who lived near me in Rumney ,Cardiff ?

    24-10-2015 10:58 Leonard Fox wrote:

    I served on Amoria(1) out of Singapore in 1968 and am now trying to build a scale model of the ship from scratch. It is beginning to look ok but I would really appreciate help from anyone with some detailed pictures of the ship so that I am able to make it more authentic.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    15-10-2015 15:37 William Hoey wrote:

    I was on various shell tankers but my favourite one was the Amastra

    13-10-2015 21:26 Brian Lindo wrote:

    You have seen the ships on this excellent site Helderline, why not catch up with some of your old Shipmates on Facebook. Our site is Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd. More great pics, lots of great stories and banter. You are assured of a big welcome. We are waiting. Brian

    03-10-2015 19:46 Mick Cardiff wrote:

    Hi, guys, come and join us on Facebook. Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd. Can't wait to see you'. All the best...Mick..

    01-10-2015 09:04 Robert Donoghue wrote:

    G'day all, I was on SS Hemiplecta 1961 - 1963.
    Anyone know where I can find details of the trips around that time?
    Many thanks

    10-09-2015 17:31 Gordon Gill wrote:

    A great site listing all the ships. My short career with Shell ran from 1960 to 1964, as an deck apprentice and was a period of time that I look back on with great memories.
    I would love to hear from anyone who Joe Shell sent on MAR courses, particularly MAR6, which I was on in 1962. Alan Haynes, Mike Dennis,Steve Little Frank Todd etc.

    31-08-2015 22:07 Nick Mcvey wrote:

    Hello. My father Gerald Mcvey and he was in the merchant navy from around 69 to 71. He sailed on six shell tankers during that time. If anyone knows him please get in touch.

    31-08-2015 11:12 Gijs Van Der Starre wrote:

    Dear visitors, I was a 5th engineer on the tts "Kaap Hoorn" from 18/01/68 untill 28/12/1968.

    Good to see the pictures of the vessel. It was a good time, but also hard working in the tropics with the turbines of the cargopumps!!
    Many 5th engineers should know that!
    Regards, Gijs.

    29-08-2015 23:29 Souhabi Djamel Eddine wrote:


    I want information about attack of PETROBULK RULER in 1988.
    thank you

    20-08-2015 23:07 James Mc Evoy wrote:

    I sailed on shell tanker for about three years great memories
    the PLATIDA ashphalt tanker ,the lighting ships the DRUPA and DARINA,the HEMEPLECTA in the far east distant memories

    16-08-2015 09:04 Colin Wood wrote:

    I was on the CORAL RIVER ex KELLITIA (1) are my experiences acceptable.

    Colin Wood R594520

    16-08-2015 08:17 Derrick Benfell wrote:

    It was a great pleasure when acting as the Port Agent at Lyttelton for the Taiko and other Coastal Tankers.

    13-08-2015 22:31 Paul Nicholls wrote:

    I sailed on the Haminella in the late 1960's when it was owned by Shell. It would be great to make contact with any old shipmates.

    08-08-2015 13:09 Paul Van Wadenoijen wrote:

    I was 5 or 6 when my uncle told me about his trips working as a sailor,at that age i decided i wil be a sailor when i`m older so the day i selebrated my 18 th birthday i went to the Hofplein i Rotterdam there was the office of Shell,and 2 months later i was on my first ship called the Dionne in the Persian Gulf at that day my life starts for real and manny ships wil follow after that and had a great time,sometimes my thouhgts wonder off and i see myself sill as that jong sailor and ik wish that i could make one more trip

    07-08-2015 05:58 Günther Spruit wrote:

    Hallo Kees.

    Na vele jaren toch weer eens op je site gekeken, en dan gaat mijn hart toch weer open.
    Ik heb zelf ook bij Shell Tankers 25 jaar gevaren ben toen overgeplaatst naar Shell Pernis, daar mocht ik met 56 jaar
    met pensioen. Maar het varen zit er bij mij nog steeds in ik al weer 13 jaar als vrijwilliger aan het werk op de zeesleper Elbe, maar ik kan nu wel merken dat de jaren nu wel gaan
    tellen, ben nu haast 80 jaar dus een dure voor de Shell.
    Ik hoop nog lang bij de Elbe te blijven.

    Met vriendelijke groeten.
    Gunther Spruit

    05-08-2015 23:35 Mick Cardiff wrote:

    Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd is on Facebook. Come and join us..Mick..

    04-08-2015 16:02 Gerard Mahony Jos (paddy) wrote:

    I sailed as a JOS on Shell Tanker "Venassa" Jan. 1961 to Dec 1961. I sailed with Pete Stacy, Alan Lye, Raymond "Lofty" Dack and would be very pleased if I could make contact with any of them. Our Captain's was Nettleship, Matson and Morris.
    Yours In Shipping,
    Gerard J. (Paddy) Mahony

    24-07-2015 13:08 David Searle wrote:

    My Grandfather (William Conbeer) served as 7th engineer on the San Gaspar in 1936. Delighted to find some pictues of his ship here. I found his Seamans record card in the National Archives (Kew).

    22-07-2015 22:19 Jazper Hoorn wrote:

    Ben ondertussen 69 jaar en denk nog(soms steeds vaker) aan mijn varenstijd terug.14 jaar van je leven is toch niet niks.Best naar mijn zin gehad net als na die tijd trouwens.Veel namen komen nog steeds bekend voor sommigen mis ik ook op de lijsten,groeten aan eenieder die zich mijn naam herinnert,tengoede of zoiets,Jasper Hoorn

    15-07-2015 17:33 Cornelis Ganur wrote:

    Dear administration of

    your existence is really valued to me, cause you probably I could contact my relation since I was working together with others that we have been working on board on Shell tanker ship's

    Thank you very much and very appreciated
    Best Regards,
    Cornelis Ganur
    Chief Engineer MV. Vinca

    09-07-2015 10:25 Gerrit Westeneng wrote:

    My father was Jan Westeneng. I believe he sailed on the Vasum in the late 50's - early 60's. I was wondering if there was anyone who knew him or sailed with him. Sadly my father passed away last year. Many thanks

    02-07-2015 17:52 James Douglas Slater wrote:

    Looking for old shipmates that may have sailed with me during my time with Shell

    19-06-2015 05:07 Ian Kaye wrote:

    Good Day to you all,
    Like most of you I expect, I was once in the employment of Shell as a Deck Cadet, from 1974 -1978, which was my formative years, where as you could say I was growing up and less than an angel! LOL... and my apologies to any one who sailed with me and had the unfortunate experience to see me at my less than best!
    I left Shell in 1978 anyone remember 'Lesley Streeter' anyway my apologies to her for what have been perceived as something personal, whilst it was nothing more than an investigation in to Shell policy, being told I was number 79th in line for promotion! LOL.
    To fill you in since I left, I attained the position of Master in 1989 which I held up until 2005 after which I have been that dreaded Vetting Inspector, for various companied including would you believe 'Shell'.
    Thats me, anyone who may have sailed with me please free to contact me, please do not use too many expletives! LOL.
    Take care, Shell taught me all I know! reflect on that!
    Yours respectfully
    Deck Cadet and Third Officer in Shell (UK) Ian Kaye

    23-05-2015 19:01 Colin Redburn wrote:

    I remember the great food you cooked even after all this time.

    08-05-2015 22:18 John Sage wrote:

    Just a short message to say what a great site. Loads of memories of my time with Joe Shell.

    08-05-2015 06:00 Erik Cliff Fergestad wrote:

    To all my former shipmates,Bucko Dave Thomas,Steward Garrick Ernst,Bosun Paddy Wilson hope all are doing well.

    07-05-2015 15:08 Thomas Foy ( My Dad ) wrote:

    Hello, my dad was on the Daphnella as a gunner not sure what sates but he talked about being bombed in Malta harbour on his 18th birthday Sept 14th 1943
    He travelled widely, all ports in India, Persia ( Gulf) Burma
    Egypt Alexandria
    Would be interested to have more information about this vessels whereabouts in the war and anybody who might remember my Dad.

    02-05-2015 14:17 John Frearson wrote:

    Exellant website Helderline have contacted a few ship mates and shall reply to all who send me email.
    Joined shell Tankers UK after leaving GPO Telephones June 1967 for a sea adventure.
    Trained as Fireman at Liverpool stayed at Canon street old dock lodgings .
    First flew to Roterdam to join Verconella sailed to Gabon Africa on to Amazon
    enterance to Porto Meranda then Marocibo and Curaco.
    Rerurned For Dry dock in Bremerhaven Germany left the ship .
    Rejoined Verconella for 11 month world trip a great adveture met some very good mates enjoyed . Best regards to all John Frearson.

    27-04-2015 16:47 Jianpu Qiao wrote:

    Good Day, Gentlemen,
    Who has the latest list of FG1 ships?

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