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    Guestbook messages

    11-08-2014 20:46 Willem Engels wrote:

    Zijn er nog mensen die mij herkennen ik heb gevaren op de dahlia ,dahfne,acmea, abida ,metula.korevina. khasiella

    07-08-2014 06:38 Mick Cardiff wrote:

    hi shipmates, come and join us at the Shell Tankers group on Facebook, great pics, stories and there is bound to be someone in the group you have sailed with. All tanker men/ women welcome. We have members from Shell Tankers (UK), Netherlands, France, Germany who live all over the world. A very friendly group. Kees Helder is a member. Looking forward to seeing you all.
    And remember.....6 months slow steaming on a Shell tanker is better than !one 1 day in an office...
    All the best,

    03-08-2014 12:21 Joop Leurs wrote:

    Het Nederlands Stoommachinemuseum zoekt vrijwilligers;

    Een specifiek vakgebied of specifieke vakkennis is niet altijd nodig. Wel is het makkelijk dat u 2 rechter handen heeft en u wilt inzetten op één van de volgende belangrijke gebieden in ons museum:

    1/ na een gedegen inwerkperiode het kunnen bedienen, smeren en schoonmaken/onderhouden van onze collectie stoommachines.

    2/ mensen die handig zijn met een zaag en schroevendraaier kortom timmermannen/vrouwen

    3/ mensen die goed met een schilders kwast kunnen omgaan en die onze machines er elke weer prachtig laten uitzien

    4/ modelbouwers die met veel liefde onze prachtige en ook vaak antieke modellen in topconditie houden

    5/Machine bankwerkers en draaiers die ook een lasapparaat kunnen bedienen. Vaak moeten wij onderdelen zelf herstellen omdat er geen vervangende onderdelen voorhanden zijn

    6/Technici die stoommachines kunnen repareren. Hiervoor is een echte technische achtergrond wel een pré.

    Spreekt één van de bovenstaande functies u aan, bel het museum op 0227-544732 / 0623884495

    02-08-2014 13:24 John Briton wrote:

    Hi Shaun,been a long time since the Paludina.I was in touch with Bob Warden a while back,but had to change my email after it was hacked into and i lost all contacts.if you could pass my email onto him id appreciate it.Hope youre well,Bob said you were doing Health and Safety?Get in touch mate.Take Care John

    30-07-2014 16:10 Shaun Heffernan wrote:

    Hemiplecta was my first trip as a very green 'shoreside' 5th Engineeer. Didnt help that I was the only 'fiver' on the ship. First few weeks passed in a heat filled haze (I joined in Singapore) but once I got the hang of things then started to settle down. Despite the hurdles placed in my path by some senior officers my time on the 'Plecta was a happy one and the start of a 10 year career with Shell. Many happy memories of trips ashore and also kindness and tolerance shown by experienced crew members (both deck,catering and engine room)

    29-07-2014 15:01 Nishi Malhotra wrote:

    Proud very proud of Mighty Methane Princess

    16-07-2014 08:33 Jan Van Der Ven wrote:

    ben op zoek naar sjeng wijnands uit limburg en huug v iperen uit zeeland .waar ik de stranding van de metula heb meegemaakt in 1974.

    16-07-2014 08:09 Mick Cardiff wrote:

    Hi shipmates, come and join the group on Facebook, Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd...everyone welcome..great pics , stories and and with nearly 600 members there is bound to be someone aboard that you sailed with..
    all the best,,Mick Cardiff..

    16-07-2014 06:53 Geoff Akehurst wrote:


    Several goes at contacting you but here goes another one.

    15-07-2014 20:13 Jan C.D Thiermann wrote:

    Hi all,
    Does somebody know Arie Visser, 1st officer 1974 Kylix? Trying to locate him for quite some time. He was one of the finest sailors I have ever met in my life.
    Thank you, best regards,

    15-07-2014 14:42 Joe Mally wrote:

    This is for a English visitor I'm trying to find by the name of Christopher Strawbridge please get in touch if you can

    13-07-2014 11:49 Giel Van Der Linden wrote:

    I was sailing on de M.S Vitrea in 1964. i wan't to no, de crew on that time

    08-07-2014 21:52 Lawrence Hitchen wrote:

    Hello Michael - I remember you all those years past. Now the skin on our bones begin to sag. Time catches holds in an ocean, adrift...wandering forever in our thoughts... trying always to hold those moments in nature that at the time went mostly unappreciated...Then we look back....and recall the beauty of those majestic experiences that so few could ever hold.

    Best, Larry

    07-07-2014 17:19 Peter Tervoort Slammy Boy wrote:

    Wie o wie is die matroos, die samen met mij in
    Australie de laatste trein gemist hadden en toen
    tussen de schapen de laatste goederentrein hebben
    genomen richting boord. Ik zelf dacht de ACTEON.
    Maar zeker weten doe ik het niet meer.
    gr. uit Beverwijk SLAMMy

    23-06-2014 18:47 Chris Hallam wrote:

    Hi I was at sea thirty years someone may remember me I sailed tankers, cargo, & various other types of vessels
    It would be good to hear from old shipmates....

    20-06-2014 10:15 David Edwards wrote:

    New email address.

    16-06-2014 09:57 Brian Perry wrote:

    I sailed on the Asprella in 69, watched the Moon shot on TV at Swansea...I believe...we couldn't watch the landing as we were well out of TV range by that time. I remember the Saloon steward smuggling a 'lady' on board. She was soon discovered and put ashore in Ireland. The ship carried chemicals at that time. All the crew had to give blood sample and a whole armful on completion of a six month trip. We sailed between Curacao, Liverpool/Stanlow, Swansea. think we went to Rotterdam once as well I paid off in Liverpool when the ship was dry docked for repairs/refit

    07-06-2014 12:50 Pete Nicholson wrote:

    I sailed AB on British Shell tankers. Hyalina, Linga, Patella, T2 Theobaldius. All in the early 50s. That was when we were astounded when Shell introduced their 28,000 tonners. 28,000 tons! Surely that has to be the limit in tonnage? Little did we know eh.

    02-06-2014 17:15 Peter Tervoort Slammy Boy wrote:

    Sorry een foutje van mijn kant dus begin ik maar
    Zoals ik al noemde, was ik op zoek naar ene Arie
    of Adrie een blonde matroos uit de buurt van Arnhem?
    Hij had een donkere maat als o. g. Ik heb met hem
    gevaren in de periode tussen 63 tot 65 op de Acteon.
    gr. Slammy.

    26-05-2014 19:13 Mick Cardiff wrote:

    hi Phillip, join us on the Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd. Facebook group page..great pics and stories..there is bound to be someone in the group who sailed with your dad..
    best wishes,

    Mick Cardiff..

    24-05-2014 12:32 Philip Zahra Son Of Late Charlie Zahra wrote:

    hi my late father seen and worked with a lot of you god bless all those because they had a hard life away from family and friends he worked on felipes halia haminella helix mitra megara murex hi charlie don/t worry about to-morrow to-morrow never come used to tell me your son philip bye bye to all your shipmates and god please look after them

    18-05-2014 03:27 Len Mazza wrote:

    Hi Bob,

    Would you be from Aberdeen by any chance.

    Len Mazza.

    04-05-2014 18:19 Mick Cardiff wrote:

    Don't forget shipmates, you can join us on the Shell Tankers (UK) Ltd. Facebook group page..great pics and stories..

    02-05-2014 13:31 Charles Rowbottom wrote:

    I sailed with Shell from 1954 till 1958, starting as 5th engineer on Capulus, finishing as 3rd on Fossularca. Good friend "Duncan",he lived in Oban. I would like to meet him again.

    01-05-2014 09:40 Kym Done wrote:

    Hi, I worked on shell Tankers from 1973-1979, I sailed on the Halia, Natacina, Latia, limmutula, Flammulina.
    Would like to hear from any old shipmate's who sail with me.
    I am also on Facebook group shell tankers UK ltd.
    Cheers shipmates.Kym.

    30-04-2014 17:10 Keith Emery. wrote:

    Hi I served as sos on the "Kelletia" when she was sold off after a long stay in dry dock at Singapore.
    I also sailedon the "Neathyris"

    27-04-2014 04:20 Mick Smith wrote:

    I served on the amastra, hinea, darina , megara, latirus, natacina, labiosa, lampas, lepeta .between 1973-1980.left the sea to get married. now live in Australia for 30 years! anyone who may remember me please drop me a line love to here from you.

    18-04-2014 12:48 Eduard Van Helden wrote:

    Cris zet de namen van de door bevaren schepen en vaartijd erbij dan kom je beslist oudere zeevarede tegen.Klik 0p de site Shelltakers op de eerste letter van het schip bv V van viana en je krijgt zo de scheepsnamen ne foto van het schip en namen van bemanningen .Succes.Ed.

    15-04-2014 16:29 John Briton wrote:

    Hi Mick,long time no see!! still think of the good times mate.Get in touch John

    12-04-2014 20:11 Edward Ashton wrote:

    many thanks for the photograph of the Shell Tanker Carmitia, I used to be a shipping supervisor at the Shell Oil terminal at Manchester, and supervised the unloading of the tankers at the Oil Berth.

    12-04-2014 10:09 Chris Heeneman wrote:

    Sinds gisteren 11 april 2014 heb ik deze site ontdekt.
    Heel leuk. Er kwamen vele leuke herinneringen boven.
    Ook heb ik al aardig wat bekende namen voorbij zien gaan.
    Ik ben erg benieuwd of er reacties op komen, al zijn de zestiger jaren wel erg lang geleden.
    De groeten Chris.

    11-04-2014 11:21 Barney B wrote:

    Good Morning Vietnam. Hello to all my fellow crew members on MV Amastra this day 47 year ago.Nha Trang, will we ever forget that night. Barney B

    04-04-2014 13:32 Gary Flux wrote:

    sailed on drupa,serenia,euplecta,limnea lay up trip,eburna,ervilia isocardia and erinna. between august 1980 and april 1985.

    21-03-2014 11:15 Philip Algar, Son Of Captain Stanley Algar wrote:

    As visitors to this excellent website may remember, I have filed some anecdotes about my father, Captain Stanley Algar who was a senior master with Shell. My book, GOODBYE OLD CHAP, A LIFE AT SEA IN PEACE AND WAR, is based on his career through two world wars and a long stay in a German POW camp. He wrote diaries whilst in the camp and I have used these in my book. Additionally, I have included colourful and informative insights on what it was like to be at sea in the first half of the last century. This is based on some articles he wrote, diaries and my own detailed research. There has been substantial interest in this book and I have now given over 70 presentations to several thousand people. I believe that GOODBYE OLD CHAP will appeal to anyone who wants to know what it was like working for Shell all those years ago. I should add that the book includes colourful accounts of trips to the Far East and to places where the culture and customs have long since vanished.

    I can offer the book at just £7.99 plus postage and packing. Please contact me if you are interested or, if you want more details, have a look at Amazon, although the title is much more expensive there!

    Philip Algar

    19-03-2014 16:26 Robert Birdsall wrote:

    Hi. I have a friend who's father served on Shell tankers. His name was Captain Robert "Bob" Birdsall. Among others he was on Amastra, Otina, Empire Flint, |Solarium, Adula, and Cardium. I would welcome any information from other users. Thanks and Regards. Rob

    19-03-2014 15:27 Deborah Gregory wrote:

    I am Looking for a Mr Anthony Musch, he worked on the :
    ss Kara = 8.2.1967
    ss kelletia = 9.11.1967

    17-03-2014 22:12 Alan Knight wrote:

    Hi Jim: I think that we sailed together on 'Vertagus" circa 1969. I was a Deck Apprentice, together with Pete Gill and Des McLindon (Rhodesian). The Captain was Maurice Holdron, and then Benjamin Stanley (from N.Ireland), who had been called back from retirement as Shell were short of Captains. The Mate was Bernard Reynolds, and the 2/O was Simon Bennett. Make a signal. Alan Knight

    10-03-2014 12:24 Bernard Jones wrote:

    Hi I sailed on the San Conrado in the 6os, I was fieman/greaser, we sailed from stanford- le-hope, outside of Tilbury,then headed for Curacao, it was only supposed to be a foyr week voyage, then back for an annual drydock, but then in Curacao we got order's to head for the Panama Canal, our next port after here was Nagasaki Kawasaki, from ther to Indonesia, came home five months later, so much for a short voyage. All in all it turned out to be a great trip, a good crowd aswell, i have sailed on other Shell Tanker's, and had very good trips on all of them. B.

    08-03-2014 22:40 Iain Wysner wrote:

    hi mark hows live with you now still with stena

    06-03-2014 16:33 Benjamin Healey wrote:

    To Paul Rayner:
    I joined the Felix on 16th November 1956 at Birkenhead. Paid off in Rotterdam on 26th July 1957, I came home to Harwich with a Radio Officer, could this be you? Via ferry we were drinking coffee and a tot of benadictine!
    The cook on the Felix was Taffy & Chief Steward was Banger Benson. Chief Engineer was 'The Jones Boy', the 2nd was Scottie. I rejoined the Felix at Falmouth on 18 Oct 1957 and took her round to Port Talbot to be broken up.
    I then joined the brand new San Gregorio on 30th November 1957 at Greenock and took her on sea trials, then set sail to the Persian Golf with Cook Taffy and Banger Benson - Chief Steward. Wot a ship 17/18 knots!
    I finished my working life as engineer of voith tug on the river Thames at the Royals and Tilbury docks for the PLA.

    01-03-2014 11:04 Eduard Van Helden wrote:

    Met belangstelling zag in het guestbook dat u veel foto:s van shelltankers heb.Zelf was ik oa stoker/olieman op de atya en acteon en heb ook op de viana en vivipara gevaren.Mocht U van deze schepen foto;s over hebben dan hoor ik dat graag.Gr E. van Helden Breda.

    26-02-2014 00:48 John Reemeyer wrote:

    looking for dutch ancestors on the De Ruyter side have some goin to the late 1700 an aart de ruijter married to a Deborah Bosboom not sure if we may be related . My son worked for Shell oil taking the tankers from Iran to the datch caribean islands but that was in the 2000's

    23-02-2014 12:31 Lisa Aston wrote:

    My father Neil Aston carried out part of his apprenticeship on the ship between 1954-1955. I would be interested to know if anyone knew him. It is so great to see this site.

    07-02-2014 20:14 Roy Kennedy wrote:

    Wonderful reading of all the different memories. My father served his apprenticeship with Anglo Saxon Petroleum, later serving with Eagle Oil, where he was very happy. My uncle and great uncle also served in Shell Tankers, and I applied for an apprenticeship but failed the medical. Keep this site alive, it is essential that students of maritime and social history are aware of what life at sea was really like.

    06-02-2014 11:47 Barrie wrote:

    my uncle ist officer meyrick died by accident at pladjoe sumatra in 1947 aboard the tanker e mail on your website by john on behalf of his father neil mckenna dated 15-09-2006 describes the circumstances of which i was not aware. i have emailed a thanks to him for troubling to post it. thankyou too. barrie ex commercial fisherman from wales uk

    04-02-2014 22:22 Phil Mairs wrote:

    i was a deck hand on the mactra 1971
    16 years old first ship i sailed on
    joined crew tranmere merseyside

    02-02-2014 00:27 Bernard Reynolds wrote:

    Hi Ron, great to hear from you after 56 years. An other D/A Achatina who was on the maiden voyage made contact with me in 2009. Colin Mclean he now lives in Canada. I sailed on the Achatina 4 times, she was my favourite ship. Do you remember two Norweigen 2/E's who sailed on that voyage. My wife & I got chatting to this chap in a Resturante in Rotterdam. He said that he was the C/E off a Norweigen chemical Tanker. I said that I was the C/O off the Shell tanker Achatina. He said he sailed on the maiden voyage. Needless to say we had a lot to chat about especially about Jimmay Britain.

    01-02-2014 00:52 Ron Deegan wrote:

    Trying to get in contact with arthur jones who I sailed with on the San patricio in 1955 to 56....believe he lived in birkenhead ...he was second cook and baker and Iwas the galley boy ..the chief Cook was called john ?...the cook was put ashore in singapore when he took ill ..he later died from cancer ...arthur was promoted to chief cook and I to second cook & baker... Can any body help?

    27-01-2014 06:33 Christian John Immelman wrote:

    I sailed in Shell tankers from Nov.1039 till Feb.1946,
    Ships --Dolabella. Darina. Daphnella. (Clavella, Dutch Aug. '43 to April '44) Empire Prize. Crista, Cardium, & Neverita
    Went ashore for a couple of years after the war.
    returned in cabke repair ships 1949.
    passed for Master Mariners certificate 1956

    25-01-2014 21:22 Brian Edge wrote:

    I sailed on the Litiopa on the maiden voyage from Chiba 1977

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