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    Guestbook messages

    24-07-2015 13:08 David Searle wrote:

    My Grandfather (William Conbeer) served as 7th engineer on the San Gaspar in 1936. Delighted to find some pictues of his ship here. I found his Seamans record card in the National Archives (Kew).

    22-07-2015 22:19 Jazper Hoorn wrote:

    Ben ondertussen 69 jaar en denk nog(soms steeds vaker) aan mijn varenstijd terug.14 jaar van je leven is toch niet niks.Best naar mijn zin gehad net als na die tijd trouwens.Veel namen komen nog steeds bekend voor sommigen mis ik ook op de lijsten,groeten aan eenieder die zich mijn naam herinnert,tengoede of zoiets,Jasper Hoorn

    15-07-2015 17:33 Cornelis Ganur wrote:

    Dear administration of

    your existence is really valued to me, cause you probably I could contact my relation since I was working together with others that we have been working on board on Shell tanker ship's

    Thank you very much and very appreciated
    Best Regards,
    Cornelis Ganur
    Chief Engineer MV. Vinca

    09-07-2015 10:25 Gerrit Westeneng wrote:

    My father was Jan Westeneng. I believe he sailed on the Vasum in the late 50's - early 60's. I was wondering if there was anyone who knew him or sailed with him. Sadly my father passed away last year. Many thanks

    02-07-2015 17:52 James Douglas Slater wrote:

    Looking for old shipmates that may have sailed with me during my time with Shell

    19-06-2015 05:07 Ian Kaye wrote:

    Good Day to you all,
    Like most of you I expect, I was once in the employment of Shell as a Deck Cadet, from 1974 -1978, which was my formative years, where as you could say I was growing up and less than an angel! LOL... and my apologies to any one who sailed with me and had the unfortunate experience to see me at my less than best!
    I left Shell in 1978 anyone remember 'Lesley Streeter' anyway my apologies to her for what have been perceived as something personal, whilst it was nothing more than an investigation in to Shell policy, being told I was number 79th in line for promotion! LOL.
    To fill you in since I left, I attained the position of Master in 1989 which I held up until 2005 after which I have been that dreaded Vetting Inspector, for various companied including would you believe 'Shell'.
    Thats me, anyone who may have sailed with me please free to contact me, please do not use too many expletives! LOL.
    Take care, Shell taught me all I know! reflect on that!
    Yours respectfully
    Deck Cadet and Third Officer in Shell (UK) Ian Kaye

    23-05-2015 19:01 Colin Redburn wrote:

    I remember the great food you cooked even after all this time.

    08-05-2015 22:18 John Sage wrote:

    Just a short message to say what a great site. Loads of memories of my time with Joe Shell.

    08-05-2015 06:00 Erik Cliff Fergestad wrote:

    To all my former shipmates,Bucko Dave Thomas,Steward Garrick Ernst,Bosun Paddy Wilson hope all are doing well.

    07-05-2015 15:08 Thomas Foy ( My Dad ) wrote:

    Hello, my dad was on the Daphnella as a gunner not sure what sates but he talked about being bombed in Malta harbour on his 18th birthday Sept 14th 1943
    He travelled widely, all ports in India, Persia ( Gulf) Burma
    Egypt Alexandria
    Would be interested to have more information about this vessels whereabouts in the war and anybody who might remember my Dad.

    02-05-2015 14:17 John Frearson wrote:

    Exellant website Helderline have contacted a few ship mates and shall reply to all who send me email.
    Joined shell Tankers UK after leaving GPO Telephones June 1967 for a sea adventure.
    Trained as Fireman at Liverpool stayed at Canon street old dock lodgings .
    First flew to Roterdam to join Verconella sailed to Gabon Africa on to Amazon
    enterance to Porto Meranda then Marocibo and Curaco.
    Rerurned For Dry dock in Bremerhaven Germany left the ship .
    Rejoined Verconella for 11 month world trip a great adveture met some very good mates enjoyed . Best regards to all John Frearson.

    27-04-2015 16:47 Jianpu Qiao wrote:

    Good Day, Gentlemen,
    Who has the latest list of FG1 ships?

    20-04-2015 02:37 Alistair Mccausland wrote:

    Hi all,

    Remember Asprella well & especially the honesty bar aboard some fantastic memories - a real happy ship back in 1971

    all the best to everyone,

    regards. Alistair

    10-04-2015 18:06 Barney Boylan (1) wrote:

    Hi to all my fellow ship mate from Amastra 1967 in Nha Trang sinking. Anyone still out there.48 years ago tomorrow 11.4.67.
    Regards Barney

    07-04-2015 22:59 John Steadman wrote:

    Hi All - found this site whilst looking for info on a seaman who was awarded the civilian M.B.E. immediately after WWII & who served as radio officer on board the M.V. CAPSA, presumably through WWII. My studies have a long way to go but I assume the ship was the 2nd of that name due to being built 1931 & sold 1948. The radio officer was Mr John Jolly Thompson M.B.E. who I assume has died since I am in possession of his M.B.E. & documentation for it. He also received 2 bravery awards & oak leaves, which I have & have yet to research. God bless all the brave men of the Merchant Navy, past & present, of which an uncle of mine was also one during WWII, though I don't know the name of his ship.

    02-04-2015 21:45 John Wlikinson-owen (mad Jac) wrote:

    I was gally boy first trip in 1964 with the shell fleet though did not go contract till 1969 I finishe with the fleet in 1994 due to kidney failure now married and have grand kids at last though thay seem happy the bank is bust
    I wounder how meny got the shell pention I was lucky I transferd all to the black horse and other pention organisations

    26-03-2015 00:58 Marina Platts wrote:

    I'm looking for information on my late father , David Platts . He was an engineer for Shell in the late 60s and early 70s. He sailed on the Methane progress and SS arianta. He was born in 1947 and died in tragic circumstances whilst at sea at some point between Yokohama in Japan and Borneo, in March 1971.
    Thank you

    24-03-2015 18:59 Steve Hall wrote:

    Enjoyed visiting your site, was looking for a picture of the Shell tanker Hemidonax and found her on your site - as a small boy I watched her being broken for scrap at Briton Ferry. Thanks!

    16-03-2015 16:05 Jo Raats wrote:

    Ik heb een heel goede en fijne tijd aan boord beleefd, ik was toen 15 jaar oud en daarvoor nooit een zee gezien

    06-03-2015 16:15 David R. Byrne (1) wrote:

    been left shell for 10years,after 26 years service still waiting for long service awards,recieved nothing,so much for Shell,just thinking

    02-03-2015 23:00 Theo Schaaf wrote:

    I was an able seaman on ARCA 2(was not aware there was a number 1)After 6 years with Dutch Navy was not welcomed very friendly by bootsman ,he thought their nautic ability was so so.So he send me to the bridge to man the wheel on the nieuwe waterweg and other things to prove you was an AB!Still it was a long trip, about thirteen month,s and 1961 is a long time away now.

    01-03-2015 18:23 Colin Mclean wrote:

    Bernard, sincere condolences on the passing of your wife Shirley. Whilst I never met her, I have followed your adventures on helderline. So glad to hear Shell very much in touch. I often think back to the Achatina days.Look after yourself. Colin

    27-02-2015 22:02 Iain Wysner wrote:

    hi joe
    remember me have a old fleet news with you in it on the safty course down in southhampton hows things still at sea with stena

    26-02-2015 14:30 John Harding wrote:

    Just found this website and the Varicella, Megara and Laconica bring back such great memories of the 70s.
    I was on the Varicella in 1974 when we went from Shellhaven to Biloxi to clean her for 3 months to carry grain.

    08-02-2015 15:31 Richard Rackham wrote:

    Hi- I've just found acigar box presented to my grandfather, Claude Rackham, to mark the 'Technical Trial of M/V Trollskjell' on 26/04/1964, I believe he was an expert on marine diesel engines. Does anyone have any more information of the ship or my grandad - it would mean a lot to my father (his son). Best wishes Richard Rackham

    06-02-2015 20:47 Leo Van Batenburg wrote:

    Hey mates, Allready wrote anekdote for Daphne But missed to pinpoint timeframe :-) So here it comes;
    my anekdote is from period aprox 1979-1981, so feel free to respons.
    At the time we were young (sort off) wtb's ?
    So, still remembering the good times,
    TC, regards, Leo

    06-02-2015 19:18 Ronald Wortley wrote:

    Hello there fellow former shipmates.
    Only just found this website and was really excited to find my name listed here with all the shell tankers i had sailed on all those years ago.Im afraid my memory hasnt served me well as i cant recall any of the names listed but im sure i have crossed paths wih some of them.If anyone does recall sailing with me and would like to make contact please feel free to do so.

    take care shipmates

    04-02-2015 13:22 Bernard Reynolds wrote:

    It is with sadness that I have to tell you that my wife Shirley crossed the Bar on the 22nd January. Many of you will have remembered us during the 30yrs I was with Shell. We had many adventures which I have recorded on this site. We met when Shirley was 16 and I was 19, we have 2 children, 5 grand children and 2 great grandchildren. We were married for 51 yrs.
    Shell still look after us and the a Shell Pension rep visits us regularly to see if we are OK. What a company to have worked for.
    The funeral is at Kings Lynn Crematorium on the 12th Feb.

    Rgs Bernard Reynolds

    03-02-2015 22:23 Bernard Sayer wrote:

    Hi Kees have spoken to Lucy Knight we both sailed on the Alinda in was good reading the fleet news again brought back happy memories so thank you for your help. I enjoy your site keep it going.B.Sayer ex 3rd eng.

    30-01-2015 20:21 Stuart Gallaway wrote:

    How could anyone forget you Steve!!

    I am still in (reasonably) regular with Phil Fox and I believe that Robin Cootes (Gook) left the sea and joined the clergy.

    Drop me a line as and when you can.


    17-01-2015 12:14 J.W. Cadovius wrote:

    Ik heb nooit gehoord dat je bij mijn vader bent langs geweest. Ik ken veel namen niet van de lijst.

    16-01-2015 20:47 Michael Bunn wrote:

    I joined Africa Shell towards the end the the Durban refit for African Coasters in 1973.
    Lionel Marker was the master, and Brian Linley the mate (as far as I recall).
    Coastal runs on an old school product carrier are hell. I have never worked so hard in my life, but non the less I have memories of it being a happy ship, with no antagonism between deck
    and engine departments

    13-01-2015 14:34 Noel Barrington wrote:

    Deck cadet 1985 - a great laugh, Singapore to N Australian coast

    13-01-2015 09:08 Steve Annis wrote:

    Hi All

    This was my first ever ship in a ten year career with Shell tankers as a navigating officer. I joined in May 1976 as a cadet and spent six months cleaning the decks every morning with my six fellow cadets. I also learnt much about how to use a 'dogs leg' and grit blasters. In the evenings the bosun would teach us how to become Able Bodied Seamen, the first stage of my five year cadet ship.
    I joined as a boy, learnt how to drink Tennants beer, play table tennis, and how to become a successful deck officer. So thank you for the great memories Limopsis.


    11-01-2015 16:36 Mick Cardiff wrote:

    Ahoy....FACEBOOK has a Shell Tanker group. Go to Facebook and search for Shell Tankers (UK) LTD and put in a request to join...great site and there is bound to be someone there you have sailed with. British, Dutch, German and French Shell men/ women are all very welcome...all the best Mick Cardiff..

    05-01-2015 20:25 Brian Roorda wrote:

    Great site! My grandfather was on two Shell boats in WW1. He was Chief Engr on the Hestia (Sunk) and JUNO (Damaged by mine)....

    01-01-2015 15:50 Rob Dekker wrote:

    Happy new year to all my Indonesian/Dutch mates

    29-12-2014 10:13 Geoffrey Forster (1) wrote:

    Happy new year to all my ex ship mates

    29-12-2014 10:12 Geoffrey Forster (1) wrote:

    Happy new year to all my ex ship mates

    22-12-2014 23:19 Eduard Van Helden wrote:

    For all Merry Cristmas and a happy and healty 2015

    21-12-2014 19:16 Gerda Van Dam-van Velsen wrote:

    Dear Readers, Beste lezers,

    Ik ben voor mijn vader, Co van Velsen, op zoek naar Peet van Arkel (Vlaardingen). Zij hebben samen in de jaren 60 gevaren voor Shell Tankers op de Achmea (?).
    Het zou zo leuk zijn mijn vader te verrassen voor zijn 75-e verjaardag.
    Wie iets weet, mail me dan.

    21-12-2014 15:06 Ton (a.h.) Van Haaften wrote:

    Good afternoon Kees,

    What a a very nice Xmas present I received today!!
    While reading the today's Maritime Press Clippings 2014-355 I saw your website and off course I opened and enjoyed all the Shell Tankers news. I joined Shell Tankers B.V. as Deck Apprentice in 1961 (Kryptos). Being transferred to the flagship Ondina in 1962 and on duty the 8th May 1962 and having a large collision in the Strait of Gibraltar. When the Ondina arrived slow steaming in Rotterdam for drydocking I signed off and had to appear several times for the internal Shell enquiry team! Finally I completed my sailing time as Deck Apprentice on board the Kabylia in 1962.
    I retired early 1993 as a Master and since 1993 I am a free lance nautical adviser and simulator teacher within Marine Safety Rotterdam B.V. , STC BV simulator center in Rotterdam and UT STC in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and still going on in the simulation world! Certainly a lot of Shell fleet personnel might remember me working ashore for Shell as Ass. Marine Superintendent at Amlwch Port (Anglesey, Wales), Marine superintendent at Durban, Oil loss abatement team member In Curacao and Venezuela, Oil loss controller
    in Rotterdam deep sea terminals.
    I will sent U some pictures, anecdotes etc as soon as I have time available!! Wishing all of U a Merry Christmas and a Healthy Prosperous and Happy 2015.
    Also hope a lot of ex Shell Tankers personnel will be a member and making your website more known and improve all the information on your website too!!!
    Best regards Ton van Haaften

    12-12-2014 23:49 Ray Miller wrote:

    Was on the mactra when it's tank explode off of Mozambique

    28-11-2014 20:57 Thomas J. Davis wrote:

    Love the latest photo additions of some Shell tanker scale models. Makes the site even better!

    17-11-2014 21:54 Daren Edwards wrote:

    joined ship in syros june 1981 earthquake whilst at hotel in Athens before joining ship anyone remember

    17-11-2014 17:19 Jaap Polling wrote:

    I found your website by accident while looking for pictures of the sts Philidora
    I'm very glad with your initiative.
    I myself sailed for Shell Tankers on the following ships:
    between 1955 en 1963
    I could share some of my experiences from the letters I wrote at the time.
    Jaap Polling

    16-11-2014 21:24 Sylvie Seaden wrote:

    i remember when the arianta use to dock at stanlow we lived on the island then use to have a laugh with them

    06-11-2014 06:43 Mick Cardiff wrote:

    hi Phil, come and join us on Facebook at the Shell Tankers (UK) group page..bound to be someone you know.


    Mick Cardiff

    06-11-2014 06:40 Mick Cardiff wrote:

    Hi Douglas, come and visit us on Facebook at the Shell Tankers (UK) group (put in a join request). Lots of us went to Ardrossan, especially those who sailed on the Halia..alas lots of us only got as far as the

    all the best,

    Mick Cardiff..

    03-11-2014 18:39 Bernard Reynolds wrote:

    Hi Kees Helder, many thanks for the information and pictures of the Metula.
    Are you able to tell me which Dutch "M" boat had a rendevous with the Las Palmas helicopter. It arrived out of the blue an hour before contact was made with the ship. The helicopter landed on deck but not in the hellipad. The rota blades struck an obstruction and shattered. Part of a blade penetrated the accommodation bulkhead into a 5/E's cabin who fortunately was on watch. The ship had to put into Las Palmas to land the helicopter. Many thanks Bernard Reynolds

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