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    Guestbook messages

    18-11-2007 23:52 David Gareth Whiteley wrote:

    Ref: David Whiteley

    Just found my Dad's Discharge Records and so this is his seamans history:

    1947/1948 Neverita

    1948/1949 Tomogerus

    1050/1951 Trochiscus

    1951/1952 Thallepus

    1952/1953 Dromus

    1954 Hyalina

    1954/1955 Thalamus

    1956 Tagelus

    1957 Ensis

    1958 Neothyris

    1959/1960 Hinea

    1960 Hima

    He may be remembered for having a pet raccoon on board, but I'm not sure which ship that was on...
    Particularly interested in tracing his sudy mates Edwards and Rab - as they seem to appear in lots of photos.
    My Dad is in a nursing home now and keen for any news!
    Thanks, Lyn

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