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    Guestbook messages

    26-11-2008 01:20 Aad H.c.j. Born wrote:

    ss ARCA under friendly fire leaving Camranh.

    the 19th of november 1969 the Arca sailed from Punta Cardon via Durban (for bunkers) bound for Pulau Bukum.
    We arrived just after X-mas 1969.
    The New Year we celebrated discharging JP4 anchored in the bay at Da Nang.
    The first week of 1970 we spent in Qui Nhom, Nha Trang and Camranh.
    Finished discharging at Camranh we sailed for Pulau Bukum. The master did not bother to much with formalities.
    He probably just sailed away in the morning hours.

    Our captain, Piet Sandee (better known as dirty Piet) was a bit like that.

    A small patrol vessel went after us, trying to make us stop.
    At first by means of the old Aldis lamp, signalling at a speed no one could read.

    Captain Piet still did not bother to much and just slammed the engine telegraph full ahead. Thus rapidly increasing the disctance between us.
    The weather was nice and sunny, the ARCA in ballast had no difficulty with the moderate swell.
    With Singapore as the next port of call life could not be better.

    Master, mates and sparks had some fun and did not have a clou. Our adversaries were very determent however.
    They fired a few shots acros the ARCA's bow, their gunnery suddenly made sense.
    The game was over, the battle lost and "dirty Piet" surrendered.

    If on board at the time and if you remember any particulars of this incident please do contact me.
    Aad Born
    then acting as radioofficer

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