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    03-01-2009 11:43 Allan Wareing wrote:

    Hi, Colin and David, just seen your postings of 5/12/08.
    I sailed as 2nd Mate with " nervous" Neeves on Neothauma in 1952/53 - one of natures gentlemn as I recall although a tad cautious. Guess who was the Mate -none other than "Peddler" Palmer, a great practical joker who could;nt resist taking the piss out of the old man from time to time. I remember once he got some 5amp fuse wire and rigged up what looked like stays from the adjusting screws on both the mirrors down to the frame of his sextant. Of course they were'nt doing anything and did'nt interfere with taking sights. However he made a point of leaving his sextant on the chart-room table and after a couple of days the Captain couldnt resist the temptation to ask him what was wrong with the sextant. With a dead straight face " Peddler' Replied " Oh, its not been the same since my young Nephew dropped it" I dont think he ever trusted Peddlers stars after that.
    Incidentally I was in touch with the said nephew a while back , he eventually joined Shell as an Engineer but I never mentioned this episode. I'm sure Peddler wouldnt have let him within 10 feet of his sextant.
    Cheers, Allan

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