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    Guestbook messages

    24-01-2006 01:03 David John Foy (david.foy7) wrote:

    Looking at all those Photographs brings all the memories flooding back.
    I often think where are all my old ship mates now. Just short poem That I found from an Old Ex-Gravesender

    David Foy (boots/DB)

    Hope to hear from antine that knows me.

    Passing Ships

    The days of my youth have long since gone by
    But the memories flood back with a smile, or a sigh.
    They speed through my mind like birds in full flight
    And they are all just like ships that pass through the night
    Some memories I have are like dreams in my sleep
    And I know forever those dreams I will keep.

    They are all just like stars that are shining so bright
    But they are still just like ships that passed in the night.
    I go back to the years when I first went to sea
    And I was so young, so happy so free.
    I thought that this life for me was just right

    Now those years are like ships that passed in the night.
    My first trip was a nightmare I did nothing but throw up.
    But it taught me the speed that I had to grow up.
    The ship tossed and rolled against the waves might
    With no help from the other ships that passed in the night.
    But those years on the ships I soon learned to adore

    So many new places for me to explore.
    There were big shoals of Dolphins-what a wonderful sight
    Now they are all just like ships that passed in the night.
    N the lands that I visited I saw more and more
    Of manís different cultures on a far distant shore.
    But no matter how hard or desperate their plight,
    We were just on a ship that passed in the night

    Any place in the world was our port of call,
    In a country so great or ever so small.
    No matter if black, no matter if white,
    We were still just a ship that passed in the night.

    Each ship that we joined we would soon make new friends
    Never to see them again when that voyage ends.
    It was somehow accepted that it was so right.
    That we were all ships that passed in the night.
    But the best days of all, especially for me,
    Were the days that we spent out there on the sea.
    The hours spent alone looking out for a light
    So we could stay clear of that ship that passed in the night.

    Now Iíll always remember my nautical friends
    And the adventures we shared, whatever life sends.
    No truer words can pass through my lips
    I loved all those nights that passed on those ships.

    Michael J. Kenn (A Gravesender)

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