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    Roger Beecroft

    The last time Roger Beecroft visited was 8 months ago.

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    Roger Beecroft has not written any messages in our guestbook (yet).


    Amastra (2): 1980 saw my third trip on the Amastra and I have to say this ship brings back some of my favourite memories. Don Joughin was the Chief Eng and (Fleetw... read more»

    Ervilia: This was my last trip with Shell before leaving to work for The Sultan of Oman. My time with Shell certainly gave me a good grounding for that and lat... read more»

    Pomella (2): Shell parted company with this ship not that long after I paid off on a stretcher. Hearsay has it that the Superintendent commented that 'she was no l... read more»

    Drupa (2): I had just come from motor ships and was gaining sea time for my steam ticket so was fairly inexperienced on them. We where sailing down the West Coas... read more»

    Donovania (2): I will always remember Tommy Teapot (Seymour) the Chief Engineer, who had more than a passing resemblance to Sid James asking me a very technical ques... read more»

    Amastra (2): I joined in Cardiff where she was carrying out a largly DIY refit with the excess of engineers the company had at the time. The Fourth Engineer Shaun ... read more»


    Roger Beecroft sailed on the following 25 Shell tanker(s).


    There are 613 collegues who sailed on the same Shell tankers as Roger Beecroft between 1973 and 1989.

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