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    Nick Roberts

    The last time Nick Roberts visited was 12 months ago.

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    Nick Roberts has not written any messages in our guestbook (yet).


    Ebalina: During one of the ship's early voyages toward the end of 1980, we sighted a fishing boat flying a distress signal during the 12-4 one afternoon while ... read more»

    Naticina (2): Joined her in late 78. She was said to be the "busiest" tanker in the world as she continually loaded in Lyme Bay for discharges in NW Europe. Not sur... read more»

    Acavus (2): Joined her in Cape Town in late 1977 (With Sue - her first trip "Wife"). There had been a suicide on board on her way to Capetown, and we walked on bo... read more»

    Partula: First Trip 3/O in 1977 (Strange how the "first trippers" got the "P" ships...?? Who thought it was a good idea to put an accommodation block over the ... read more»

    Dorcasia (2): Final trip cadet in 1976. Memories of loading "sour crude" in Mexico...and "topping off" on "sticks". The affects of the fumes were so bad that every ... read more»

    Opalia (2): As a "Senior" Cadet (an important distinction at the time!!) I enjoyed my trip on her - and probably learnt more about pumps and cargo and general tan... read more»

    Hastula (1): I joined her as 2nd trip cadet in 1974 trading out east, she was not one of the regular "Siagon Flyers" of the time (which had been going on for some ... read more»

    Rapana (2): I joined her in the October 1981 as she came into NWE to discharge an oil cargo in Rotterdam, then tank clean for drydock in Brest (The sister vessel ... read more»


    Nick Roberts sailed on the following 12 Shell tanker(s).


    There are 453 collegues who sailed on the same Shell tankers as Nick Roberts between 1973 and 1982.

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