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    Shaun Bromwell

    The last time Shaun Bromwell visited was more than 3 years ago.

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    Shaun Bromwell wrote 1 message(s) in the guestbook.


    Aulica: Best trip of my career. Very happy 'party-minded' crew. Best bunch of pirates I ever sailed with. West Indies and South pacific run, we mustered for t... read more»

    Paludina (3): Joined on my 19th birthday at Gibraltar. Great crew. Carried bitumen between the West Indies and Kuwait on a contract to build the Trans-Arabian highw... read more»

    Linga (2): She was my first trip. Straight out of the Peanut Factory at Gravesend in 1980 I was 'shang-hai-ed' by the pool being told I would join her in Savanna... read more»

    Tribulus (2): Went global lugging coal on this new, yet ill fated crock in 1983. Joined in Aabenrae via a Dan-Dare flight from London to Copenhagen. From Denmark we... read more»


    Shaun Bromwell sailed on the following 4 Shell tanker(s).


    There are 117 collegues who sailed on the same Shell tankers as Shaun Bromwell between 1980 and 1984.

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