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    Bernard Reynolds

    The last time Bernard Reynolds visited was yesterday.

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    Bernard Reynolds wrote 9 message(s) in the guestbook.


    Metula (2): When the Metula grounded at the entrance of the Magelhaen Straits on 9th August 1979 it was a Saturday and it was announced on the BBC morning news. A... read more»

    Donax (3): I first joined the Donax as 2nd Mate on the 7th June 1967. When she was the first British Tanker to have completed the round trip to the Gulf and back... read more»

    Desmoulea: Connell House Singapore. I stayed at Connell House in the late 50's and early 60's when I was a D/App and 3/O. The Mission to Seaman organised many ac... read more»

    Mangelia: Mangelia 1976 Part 2 Dave greeted Shirley on the helicopter like a long lost friend and told her that he had left her a glass of whiskey on our coffe... read more»

    Mangelia: Mangelia part 1 My wife Shirley joined me by helicopter off Cape Town. We had joined my previous ship off Las Palmas where the helicopter landed on th... read more»

    Pallium: A Sabbeth days journey part2. I phoned the Agents who said they will try to sort it out but to no avail. Eventually they told us to book into the Hilt... read more»

    Pallium: A Sabbath days journey Part 1. In September 1964 when I was 2nd Mate I flew to Canada to join the Pallium at Seven Islands. I arrived at Montreal airp... read more»

    Acavus (2): After our all expenses paid caribbean holiday I had to work. Later on in the trip we load lubricating oil in Rotterdam and Rouen for West Africa. Just... read more»

    Axina: Da Nang 1968/69 We were discharging aviation spirit through a submarine pipeline which went up a river bed to the tank farm. Just after lunch there w... read more»

    Acavus (2): With reference to our two week holiday in Curacao I have remembered the surname of the C/E and his wife. They were Brian & Jill Egan... read more»

    Helisoma: I was on the Helisoma around 1970, Captain Chillman was the old man and we were on the UK/continent coast. We went to Shellhaven my home port and were... read more»

    Valvata: Valvata part 3. Yokohama Christmas 1965. We arrived a few days before Christmas with a cargo of gasoil to find that we had to discharge at 4 different... read more»

    Vibex: The Vibex was my first ship which I joined at Eastham (Stanlow)January 1957, the Suez crisis was in full swing so we had to go to the Gulf via the Cap... read more»

    Solen (2): When the Solen was a station tanker off Banana, Zaire she acted as a hotel for the oil field workers. We had two helicopters which ferried them to and... read more»

    Achatina (2): In 1982/83 during two consecutive voyages did 12 trips to Klaipeda in Lithuania. When we went ashore the girls paid for the beer. I thought that if th... read more»

    Acavus (2): Free Carribean holiday on Shell January 1979. Shirley & I flew out to Curacao with the C/E and his wife (Brian & Jill). When we arrived in Curacao the... read more»

    Valvata: Valvata part 2. At the night club we had a floor side table. A part bottle of whiskey was produced with the colonel's name on it so he must be a regul... read more»

    Valvata: Valvata Part 1. My wife & I had many adventures on the Valvata 1965/66. The best one was when we left the ship at Khor al Amaya at the entrance to the... read more»

    Zenatia (1): I joined the Zenatia in Kure shipyard when she was being jumboised supposedly a month before she was due sail. My job was to bring all the charts and ... read more»

    Pallium: The Pallium was my first command. After being on the UK coast for a couple of months we loaded for West Africa and the Azores. We arrived at Punta Del... read more»

    Desmoulea: Spent 6 months on the Indian coast loading at the shell terminal on Butchers Island, Bombay. Discharging at Cochin, Madras and Budgie Budgie (Calcutta... read more»

    Pallium: February 1965 we had some VIP passengers doing a round the world trip on Shell. On the return voyage from Aukland NZ to Curacao we stopped off Pitcair... read more»


    Bernard Reynolds sailed on the following 43 Shell tanker(s).


    There are 1179 collegues who sailed on the same Shell tankers as Bernard Reynolds between 1957 and 1987.

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