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    The last time Rogerpalmer visited was more than a year ago.

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    Rogerpalmer has not written any messages in our guestbook (yet).


    Voluta: My first trip to sea, and joined the ship in Hamburg I have never forgot the smell of a ship for the first time and the sence of being of no help to a... read more»

    Vermetus: Fell in love in Malmo(Sweden),took a day at the Campo in Curacao to get over it.... read more»

    Vertagus: Some good times had on this ship, great crew all round, Ch. Eng.Phill (Uncle Phill) Hogarth & Capt.Salt. Water. Taylor. Anyone recall this time on Ve... read more»

    Darina (2): Could not get off the ship fast enough never sailed with such a bunch of miserable people apart from Ass.Steward the loverly and only Lulu.... read more»

    Halia (1): Just got married (75) so lightening off Lime Bay came in handy,asked to go deep sea next trip. Very nice ship and friendly crew.... read more»

    Hima: Wonderful ship,sailed as Eng.App.1966.2nd. Eng.1971 and 73, ship sold to Greeks at Singapore 5/8/73 Ch. Eng. K.Watkins. Capt.Waddell.We stayed on the ... read more»

    Hemicardium: First full trip as 5th. Eng.Interesting boilers(Thompson Lamont) Michale Swindles Ch.Eng.Transfered in Curacao to join Partula in New Orleans but the ... read more»

    Hastula (1): Transfered from Harpula at Calcutta April 71 to join Hastula in Tokuyama Japan as a 1st trip 2nd Eng.Joined at the same time as C.Eng.G.Brown,nice cha... read more»

    Hastula (1): Transfered from Harpula at Calcutta to join Hastula in Tokuyama Japan,1st trip as 2nd Eng. Joined with Chief Eng.G.Brown.Nice chap and helpful taking ... read more»


    Rogerpalmer sailed on the following 15 Shell tanker(s).


    There are 565 collegues who sailed on the same Shell tankers as Rogerpalmer between 1965 and 1978.

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